Bee Shrines

Bee-In NYC was held on 9/20/14 in Bowling Green Park in lower Manhattan, a public event created and organized by Marriott Sheldon. Bee-In was a public festival and celebration for the honeybees, a Climate Convergence and Teach-In, in conjunction with the People’s Climate March.

Performances included Rev Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping and HONEYBEELUJAH!, Xuihtezcatl Martinez hip hop artist and youth leader of Earth Guardians, Jon Lee Rucker, Ray Ippolito, and other musicians. Beekeepers spoke about our relationship with honeybees and their essential service, students from BCC helped kids make Bee Art and vegan food was served by Occupy Kitchens.

Bee Shrine Work

I create Bee Shrines to honor and celebrate the sacred bees. The honeybee and the hive are a super organism, with intelligence, harmony and spirituality, and represent the perfection of nature and oneness in the natural world. Bee Shrines have been created for exhibition spaces and interactive public ceremony, in a field of wildflowers or on a sidewalk, to raise awareness of our essential relationship and interdependence with the bees. I began constructing Bee Shrines in 2013 as a creative response to learning about the critical decline of the honeybee population in the US and globally.

I am working as Director of Outreach and Bee-Safe Certification with New York Bee Sanctuary,