Mother Tree Project

Mother Tree Project / Baby Tree Adoption

‘Mother Tree Project’ and ‘Baby Tree Adoption’ took place In the spring of 2018 in Wendell, a charming small town near Raleigh, NC. After receiving approval for the project from the Town Council of Wendell I worked with the Tree Board to create a public art project to honor and celebrate the beautiful trees in the town of Wendell. The project occurred in March 2018 to coincide with Arbor Day.

I chose 13 significant mature trees throughout town; each a different species. These trees were designated as ‘Mother Trees’ and each was wrapped with colorful climbing rope at DBH (diameter breast height) for a 3 week period. Businesses and homeowners participated and gave consent for a tree to be wrapped for the project by signing a Consent Form (click the link to view the form). A webpage was created by the Town of Wendell for Mother Tree Project with a town map of the trees and locations, pictures and a description of each tree in the project.

‘Baby Tree Adoption’ was held on Arbor Day, March 17, 2018, at town square where an Arbor Day Celebration took place with family activities, talks and a tree-planting event. 50 baby trees, each wrapped in a small burlap bag with organic soil, along with an adoption certificate, were given to families to take home, plant and care for. There was a space on the adoption certificate for the family to name their baby tree as well as planting and care instructions.