(T)reality is a Public Art Exhibit/Experience/Concept that seeks to honor trees – a symbol for living organisms – and Transform/Exchange thought regarding our relationship with trees and the economy through creative context, revising the current paradigm of ‘value’.

Co-creating with artists and the public a new reality, (T)reality is a dynamic cultural experience grounded in authentic commodities, ‘real’ resources – living things – offering innovative creative ways of perceiving and inspiring tangible actions for expanding this reality.

Revise old/new value thought systems towards a transformed system based on indigenous wisdom and awareness of human beings’ inherent interconnection/dependence with all species of beings: trees, plants, animals, insects, as well as soil, water, air, within our complex and perfect biosphere on planet earth.

(T)reality revises the conventional paradigm of [economic] value, co-creating a new dynamic culture/movement grounded in authentic, true and ‘real’ resources, living things, offering authentic actions for expanding this reality. While trees (and plants, soil, insects, animals, water) and all other natural things hold the most real and actual value to human beings, the system that has been dominant tells us to believe just the opposite – to value the products and commodities revered by the economic system and ‘capitalism’ – [commodities deemed valuable within a certain limited, unsustainable manmade construct, objects that can be bought and sold at auction and on the trading floor].

Natural resources have been viewed as separate, expendable, and disrespected reflecting the same mindset that allows humans to disrespect, dominate, abuse and destroy anything seen as ‘other’ or ‘less than’ – based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other weakness. Plants, trees, air, water, animals and insects, under the Capitalist-controlled framework have been exploited, abused, enslaved, misused and destroyed, thereby damaging our wholeness, the planet and her life-giving energies. The reality is that we, humans, are destroying ourselves and own habitat. To hurt one of the living forms is to hurt all as Life is intricately interconnected requiring the balance of ecosystems to continue to thrive.

Through the process of these artistic experiences we seek to remember that life-web from which we came and those life-giving entities that are literally part of us long before the stock market was conceived in some boardroom with pen and paper (provided by a tree).
Concept (1) Experience and (2) Exhibit related to Trees (all living things) and Value, co-creating a new reality regarding our relationship life, and with currency, contextualizing and bringing to life a new framework and behavior based on sane, sustainable value models and leading to honoring those resources as ourselves.

(T)reality – An open query for participating artists, the public and other collaborators:

How can we evoke an ‘empathic magic’ in the celebration and honoring of trees?

The intention of (T)reality is to form a construct of energy, to launch an edict of spreading the word, and the seeds, becoming a catalyst for the remembrance of our simple, fundamental ‘nature’, placing value on those things which are sharing this earth-ship with us, integrally engaging in the dance of creation-survival with them. Trees, then, are the new currency to which we are paying homage and respect, love and care.
Thank you for your curiosity, imagination and unique contribution to this project.

Treeple is a project of (T)reality and a public awareness photo series started in 2015.
One day when I was visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Garden I saw a young woman holding her baby seated near a huge magnificent oak tree and next to a fountain. It appeared from my perspective that she was part of the huge oak, the root system, and linked to the tree. There was no separation.

I took her picture and that was the beginning of Treeple. In various locations I may explain that I am working on a public art project involving awareness of our interdependence with trees and all of nature. I invite people to choose a tree and interact with the tree somehow. The purpose, to honor and celebrate our relationship with trees and realize trees as a symbol for all living things. This art campaign seeks to allow the participants an opportunity to notice, pay attention and appreciate the trees and nature around them and the viewers of the project a deeper awareness of this oneness with nature through the creative process. @Tree_ple on Instagram

Come check out some TREEPLE!